Click to enlargeJ75A/P80

This is a muling of the Kneass obverse from 1838 used on J72/P75 and J73-J74/P77-P78 and the Paquet reverse from 1859.

It employs the "Broken Ribbon" reverse used on J235-J236/P284-P285 and on J245-J246/P303-P304.

Judd and Adams and Woodin list this under 1859 because of the reverse die where as Pollock lists it under 1838 due to the use of the obverse die. The coin is actually a fantasy restrike made in the 1870s. Both dies are extremely rusted and worn.

Examples were struck as follows:

Silver J75A/P80. This used to be J254 in earlier editions. Supposedly 2 are known but I have not been able to confirm this.

Copper of J75B/P81. This used to be J255 in earlier editions. Only 2 are confirmed. One is in the collection of T.R. Walsh and the other is the former Witham, Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation example. Both of these are believed to be the former Farouk examples. The Bass coin has since been retoned. The earliest occurrence for one of these was lot 1017 in the January 1890 R. Coulton Davis sale. This coin is also likely lot 28 of the April 1892 Woodside sale.

This is a composite. Photos used are courtesy of Teletrade and Bowers and Merena.