Click to enlargeJ1422/P1565

The popular "Liberty at the Seashore" design used also on several 20 cent patterns of this year muled with the regular "No Motto" reverse used from 1840-1865 to create a fantasy coin deliberately for sale to collectors.

This reverse was also used to strike J1470-J1471/P1621-P1622 and is one of at least two "No Motto" reverse dies the mint had on hand. It show traces of die rust in several places. The other "No Motto" reverse was used to strike J1132-J1132A/P1268-P1269.

This design was struck as follows.

Silver J1420/P1563, on trade dollar planchets, with 6 struck per Adams and Woodin.

1) Newlin (Haseltine, April 1883), Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76, Bass Foundation - gem proof.

2) Eliasberg-B/M 5/96 - gem proof.

3) Getty-Bowers and Ruddy 5/77, Rothschild-Stacks 10/03, Southern collection as NGC65, Simpson collection - PCGS66

4) Farouk, 84 ANA, Heritage 4/06, Stacks-Bowers 8/11 ANA, Stacks-Bowers 11/12, Scotsman 10/13, Goldberg 6/14 as PCGS61, Heritage 1/16 FUN - PCGS62.

5) Bowers and Merena 8/10, Stacks-Bowers 3/12 - NGC64

6) Judd, #476 in Kosoff's "Illustrated History of U.S. Coins" - fixed price list of the Dr. Judd collection, possibly one of above.

Copper J1421/P1564 with supposedly 8 struck.

Aluminum J1422/P1565 with only 2 believed struck including the illustrated piece.

1) Doughty (NY Coin & Stamp 4/1891), Woodside (NY Coin & Stamp 4/1892), Brand in 1895 (journal #13887)

2) Newcomer, Col Green, Olsen per Mehl's 11/44 lot 49 but this coin is not in the Newman/B. G. Johnson inventory.